Mission and Action

The Mission and Action Board helps serve the church community by providing opportunities for mission and education in the area of social concern. In fulfilling this charter the congregation votes an annual budget for the board, which has a goal to distribute the funds at approximately: twenty percent (20%) to church related endeavors, sixty percent (60%) to local missions and twenty percent (20%) to national and international missions.

Examples of church related support include the CROP Walk of Nashua, the Andover Theological Seminary, care packages for members who are college students and need a reminder of home while away, and daily devotional materials.
In the local missions category, the board allocates donations to the St. John Neumann food pantry, Bridges, a local domestic violence relief organization, and the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, among others. Also in this category, once a month the board provides a gift certificate to a local grocery store to one person or group to prepare the evening meal for the Ash St. Shelter. Some examples of giving in the international and national category are donations to Church World Service targeted to specific urgent needs (e.g., disaster relief and funding for clean water) and donations to the Heifer Project. The board give careful consideration to current needs and distributes funds where needed.

The board conducts a program called the Item of the Month. Each month the board determines a need, usually in the local area, and invites members of the congregation to contribute items. There is a shopping cart outside the Christian Education office where these items are collected and delivered at the end of the month. Some examples of missions we have supported through this endeavor are clothing for residents at the Nashua Children’s Home, school supplies for the Nashua Soup Kitchen’s Backpack Program, and the Davis Funeral Home’s annual fall sweater and coat drive.

Every year the collections taken at the Christmas Eve services are used to purchase certificates for home heating oil. The certificates are distributed to local families who are determined by the minister to be experiencing a significant hardship.

In addition, the board welcomes suggestions of organizations that could be helped by our program. To find out more about the Mission and Action board or to get involved please contact our chair, Janet Griffin.