Directory Info

Please help all of us get to know one another!

The Directory Committee is preparing to complete the photo directory and we need your assistance.  Please submit your profile sheet and picture for the new church directory.  The Directory Profile Information Sheet is available below. Ccopies are also available in the church office.
Click HERE to download the Directory Profile Form file that can be printed or saved to your computer (for attaching to an email).

Send all pictures* and profiles to or submit in the basket at the church office.  (*Due to copyright issues, we cannot use a professional photographer’s photo without their written permission.)

Please complete all information in the profile so that we can ensure our church office records are up to date. You may optionally specify that certain information not be published in the directory.  When submitting profiles for more than two adults in the family, please use multiple forms.  Note: If the directory and roster do become available online, access will be limited to our church family only via account/password restriction.

Request a copy of the new Church Directory!

To request a copy of the new church directory, click on this link:  Request a Printed Church Directory.  Printed copies will be available for $10 each and a free PDF file for “at home” printing. For privacy and security reasons, the directory will only be available to our “church family” and is to be used for church-related purposes only.  If you specify your preferred directory format when you submit your profile sheet, there is no need to sign up here.  You will be notified when the directory is available.

For any questions, send an email to or contact Carol Birch at 603-465-7622.