Weekly Calendar

Activities for the week of September 17, 2017

Sun., Sept.17 Worship 9:00 am
  Worship/Sunday School 10:30 am
  3rd Grade Bible Sunday  
  Fire Drill 11:30 am
  Confirmation Orientation 11:30 am
  New Member Enquirer’s Class #1 of 3 11:30 am
  Women’s Fellowship Luncheon 1:00 pm
Monday Men’s Breakfast at Denny’s 7:15 am
  Women’s Breakfast at Joey’s 8:00 am
  Trustees Meeting 7:00 pm
Tuesday Council Meeting 7:00 pm
  Christmas Fair Workshop 7:00 pm
Wednesday Pastoral Care Team Meeting 7:00 pm
Saturday Shed Build – back parking lot 8am-5pm
  Nashua Habitat for Humanity 8:45-3:30 pm
Sun., Sept. 24      Mission Trip Sunday  
  Worship 9:00 am
  Worship/ No Sunday School 10:30 am
  Christmas Fair Committee Meeting 11:45 am
  New Member Enquirer’s Class #2 of 3 11:45 am

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