2020 Time Capsule Input

Submissions Due by October 31, 2020

Dear Church Members and Friends,
As part of the BoV renovations, a subcommittee was formed to coordinate the creation of a time capsule. The time capsule box will be made from the wood of the east lawn maple tree and will be displayed inside the church (as a locked box) rather than buried. A variety of items will be placed inside the box, including pre-printed cards/paper for congregants to fill out sharing their thoughts, concerns, hopes and prayers at this 2020 moment in time. We sincerely hope everyone will partake in this activity so in 2043, when the time capsule is intended to be opened, congregants at that time (including some of us, our children and grandchildren) can get a wonderful sense of how we were feeling at this time. All input will remain unread – the time capsule team recognizes and respects that these documented thoughts are for the eyes of our future selves, as well as for congregants unknown at this time. Things are changing at lightning speed, and 2020  has been a year like no other, so it’s quite certain that in 2043 things will be very different and those reading the cards will very much enjoy hearing about our thoughts today!
  1. “Name”, “Age”, and “Years Attending Congregational Church of Hollis” fields are all optional, but we think the 2043 readers of these will appreciate knowing that information if you are willing to provide it.
  2. PARENTSWe would love to have children’s input as well, including children of ALL ages (pre-school to college).
    • Please pass the email/link on to older kids with emails and encourage them to fill it out.
    • For the younger children who are old enough to type, feel free to let them fill out their own and submit it.
    • For children too young to type, perhaps fill one out for them prompting them to provide responses in their own words
  3. Printed forms that go into Time Capsule will NOT include your email address.

Be sure to click “Submit Your Time Capsule Input Form” button at bottom of the form

Survey responses automatically get emailed to churchoffice@hollischurch.org once you click the Submit button.