This form is to cast your vote for the two articles of the Special Church Warrant of March 2020.
Deadline to submit your vote is 12:00 pm (noon) on Sunday, March 29. 

You must be a church member to participate in the vote and only one vote per church member is permitted. Any votes received by non-church-members will not be included in the count and if multiple votes are received by the same church member, the last one received by the deadline will be the only one counted (but we ask that you only “Submit” once to prevent any confusion). For our church members who share a common email address, each member CAN submit a vote (the form doesn’t care that the email address was already used.

To cast your vote, please complete the following information (fields with * are required).  You will receive a confirmation email with your vote information within a few minutes after you hit the “Submit” button at the end of the form (check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you do not receive your email confirmation within a few minutes).

Your vote will be emailed to  and will be seen only by the church moderator Dot Hyde, and by the church administrators Eileen Widner and Sue Adams. All individual voter information will be held in confidence.