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Online Auction FAQs

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How do I Get Started as a Bidder? Bidder Registration and Tips on:

  • Getting Started
  • Bidding
  • Accessing your account anytime
  • Getting text message notifications if you’ve been outbid

Why am I receiving and error message when I try to log in? What to do if you have problems logging into your account

How do I update or change my password?

Can a bidder be anonymous?

Can I set up automatic bidding with a max limit?

How will I know if I’ve been outbid on an item? 

  • When you create your account, check the boxes “Receive Email Notification When Out-Bid” and/or “Receive Text Message When Out-Bid”

How does “Buy It Now” work? 

  • The Buy It Now button allows bidders to purchase an item at the Fair Market Value or “Buy It Now” amount listed.
  • Although items can be viewed before the auction starts, the “Buy It Now” button WILL NOT be VISIBLE OR LIVE UNTIL the auction actually starts.
  • BIDDERS ARE ABLE TO PAY FOR THEIR “BUY IT NOW” ITEMS AT ANY TIME by logging into their Bidder account via > Bidder Sign In > click on the shopping cart in front of their Buy It Now item > continue to check out for that item.
  • Bidders will not receive an email NOTIFICATION regarding the Buy It Now item until auction close
  • Bidders can BID ABOVE THE “BUY IT NOW” PRICE. Once a bidder bids above the Buy It Now prices the Buy It Now button disappears to allow bidding to continue.
  • “BUY IT NOW” is an optional selection for each item. “BUY IT NOW” may be available for some items and not others.

How do I pay for my items and checkout?