Pastor Tanya Stormo Rasmussen

Rev. Tanya Stormo Rasmussen was called to lead our congregation in 2015. She grew up in the Reformed tradition, was ordained in 1995, and has served a variety of congregations in the United Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, and the United Church of Christ, in Illinois, Massachusetts, Denmark, Sweden, England, and now New Hampshire.

Rev. Tanya is passionate about Christian education and faith formation, helping each individual—regardless of profile or background—understand that they are precious to God, and equipped to be a unique minister of divine grace and love. She’s totally committed to “widening the welcome.”

In her free time, she enjoys hiking and walks in the woods, practicing yoga and Pilates, meeting up with friends for coffee, listening to NPR, and cooking for & spending time with her family.

Rev. Tanya and her husband, Joel, are proud to be the parents of Krister, Phineas, and Eli, and two Labradoodles called Huckleberry and Wicket. They live in Hollis.


When you call or visit the church office, you will be greeted by Sue Adams on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Eileen Widner is in the office on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Both Sue and Eileen maintain the church calendar and schedule events. Sue edits the weekly bulletin, while Eileen does the monthly newsletter and maintains the church website. Contact Sue or Eileen with general questions, to schedule an event, or to submit an article for the weekly bulletin (by Wednesday noon) or the monthly newsletter (by the 15th of the month preceding publication)

Eileen Widner

A Connecticut native, Eileen has lived in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – but has called New Hampshire and the Congregational Church of Hollis ‘home’ since 1996. Eileen joined the church staff in 1998, and welcomed Sue to our office job-share in 2015. She enjoys playing flute, quilting, and caring for her grandson Gordon. Eileen can be reached at

Sue Adams

Sue is also a native of Connecticut and has been a member of the church since 2009. Some of Sue’s many interests are antiquing, karate, fitness, sports, gardening and most of all her family. She works part-time in the church office job sharing with Eileen Widner. Sue can be reached at

Eileen Widner

Sue Adams


Kim Verrecchia

Kim Verrecchia and her family have enjoyed living in Hollis and attending church here since 2012. She’s thrilled that God has given her the opportunity to be part of the church in a way that combines her experience in working with children and her passion for Christian Education.

Kim enjoys spending time with her husband Joel and their three children, Luke, Adam, and Josie, as well as hiking and arts and crafts.

Kim Burton

With a degree in early childhood education, Kim Burton has held numerous teaching positions in the field of early childhood ed, including child daycare, martial arts instruction, and children’s fitness and daycare instruction. Kim is an active and enthusiastic individual who enjoys fitness, arts and crafts, travel, cooking, and of course spending time with family and friends.

Kim lives in Hollis with her husband John and two children, Everett and Hannah, and has been an active member of the Hollis Congressional Church since 2008.

Kim Verrecchia and Kim Burton can be reached at

Kim Verrecchia (left) & Kim Burton (right)


Director of Christian Music

The Congregational Church of Hollis is excited to announce that we have hired a new Director of Christian Music who will be starting in Feb. 2020.  Please check back soon for more information! This position oversees all the wonderful forms of music worship and music events we love and enjoy so much!

Ed Scibilia

Ed Scibilia – Organist

Educated at the Boston Conservatory of Music, Ed Scibilia has been the church organist since 1997.

Listen closely at the end of service. Ed likes to surprise us with unexpected music from the decades of his youth.


Walking around the church, you may run into John Balfour. Working at various times and days, John is the custodian and is in charge of making sure everything is clean and running smoothly. Contacting John can be done by leaving a note with Eileen or Sue in the church office.

John is a native of Bedford, MA. He has lived in New Hampshire since 1963 and moved to Hollis in 1966 when there were only 2200 people and also twelve dairy farms (now all gone!) He has part of the custodial staff at the church since 1996. His hobbies are woodworking, gardening, canoeing, hiking and especially Hollis Brookline Volleyball, which was founded by the famous “Coach Becky” (his daughter-in-law) and that his family is very involved in.

John Balfour