If you are searching for God, the love of Jesus Christ, and a community to walk with
on your faith journey, we welcome you!

The Congregational Church of Hollis is a safe and loving place to grow in faith, ask questions, and experience God’s love. We strive to create a caring, accepting atmosphere in which to learn about the Bible and the principles of the Christian faith as they apply to living faithfully in today’s challenging world.

For families with infants and younger children, we know how precious your child is—to you, to God, and to our church! And we want them, and you, to know it! For tweens and teens so often on-line, plugged-in, and caught up in a social-media-absorbed culture, our youth programs provide an environment for them to re-connect with each other and with God. For ourselves, as adults, tending to our faith formation is at least as important as the education and faith formation that was provided for us as children.

The faith formation program welcomes you and promises a community to walk with you as you search for God, the love of Jesus Christ, and deeper meaning in your life.