Confirmand/Mentor Lunch

The Congregational Church of Hollis is proud to offer a flexible Confirmation program that caters to today’s busy families, while still focusing on the importance of developing a strong foundation of faith. Students have the opportunity to complete the program in 2 or 3 years, depending on the pace of completing program requirements that works best for their family.

Led by trained and enthusiastic adult teachers, students in Grades 7-9 will participate in classes, service, field trips, and fellowship/fun opportunities throughout the year. Each student also selects an adult church member to be their Confirmation Mentor. This relationship is invaluable to develop a solid support system for the teen as they explore their journey of faith.

Packing Thanksgiving Boxes

Activities may include:

  • Field trips to Canterbury Shaker Village and other faith communities
  • Community service projects
  • Preparing dinner for local shelters
  • Hosting fellowship time after church
  • Progressive suppers
  • Overnight retreats
  • Performing skits for Sunday School students
  • Preparing for and leading Easter sunrise service
  • Participating in Junior Youth Group

Overnight Retreat

Journey to Confirmation classes meet on scheduled Sundays during the 9:30 a.m. church service throughout the program year (not every Sunday). Field trips and some other activities are typically on Sundays but may occur on other days as well. A schedule is provided at the beginning of the program year to participants.

The Rite of Confirmation takes place during the worship service on the first Sunday of June. At that time, confirmands affirm their desire to continue their journey in the Christian faith and the congregation welcomes them into full adult membership. Whether or not a confirmand decides to join the church at that time, all remain part of the church family and are welcome to participate in worship and activities.

Rite of Confirmation