WELCOME—we’re glad you found us! Because we’re situated smack in the center of Hollis, at 3 Monument Square, our congregation has long understood itself to represent the faithful “heart” of Hollis. Established in 1743, we have accumulated a rich history—but we are forward-looking.

We are a community of diverse points of view, but hold in common our conviction that God loves the world beyond comprehension, and that Jesus Christ’s example shows us how to embrace, engage, and embody that love ourselves.

Here, we feel free to admit our questions and doubts—because we know that these emerge from a living, growing faith.

Here, we affirm that faith is a sacred relationship, not a set of required or expected “I believe” statements.

Here, we’re learning at all stages of life about the Living God who loves us and welcomes us wherever we are on life’s journey and invites us to travel together in ever-greater freedom, deeper joy, and authentic love.

Here, we’re building a house “where love can dwell, and all can safely live; a place where saints and children tell how hearts learn to forgive. Built of hopes and dreams and visions,” we’re building a place where the love of Christ shall end divisions, and all are welcome.*

If you’re looking for a faith home that will help you to think and feel, to wonder, and to experience the presence of the Living God through the rhythms of worship, prayer, scripture, hospitality, and meaningful relationship, well—then we look forward to welcoming you home!

Peace be with you!