Since 2001, each summer youth and adults have participated in a summer work camp trips.  This is an opportunity to explore one’s faith in a safe and service-oriented environment. Group Mission Trips, the parent agency of the camps, has a 40-year history of organizing meaningful service trips for church communities of many different denominations working together.

At work camps, hundreds of teenagers from youth groups across the country come together to serve individuals and communities while building strong, long-lasting relationships with their friends and youth leaders.  In six short days, they repair and transform homes while growing in their faith.

Work camps give youth and adult participants a chance to truly be of service in the wider community.  They are interactive, reflective, relevant, fun and even transforming experiences for teens and adults who, in many cases, participate year-after-year.

Mission Trip Work Camp 2019 Photo Gallery

Work Camp Dates, Themes and Locations:

2001 The Great IAM, Morgantown, WV
2002 IGNITE the Light, Montgomery County, WV
2003 Diving Deep, Newport, ME
2004 Build to Last, Dover, DE
2005 Living Inside Out, Wallaceburg, ON
2006 Full Service, Lancaster, PA
2007 Renovate, Hoosick Falls, NY
2008 Love Out Loud, Wilmington, NC
2009 Reveal, Groton, CT
2010 Underserved, Owego, NY
2011 Connect, Cornwall, ON
2012 Made, Buffalo, NY
2013 What Do You Stand For?, Spencer, NY
2014 Repair, Shamokin, PA
2015 Reframe, Charlotte, NY
2016 Extraordinary, Woonsocket, RI
2017 The Road, Newark Valley, NY
2018 Grit, Wallingford, CT
2019 Relentless, Dexter, ME

2020 and 2021 Trip