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October 25th

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October 11th

September 7th

BoV Construction Update:

June 10th Groundbreaking of the
Jim & Jan Squires Community Patio! 

Work has begun at the Congregational Church of Hollis on a project to bring community together.

Plans include a community patio that honors long-time residents and volunteers Jim and Jan Squires.  Jim and Jan settled in Hollis in 1971 and have been active members of the community ever since.  As firm believers in public service, both were actively involved in many community organizations over the years. As a general surgeon, Jim helped to found the Matthew Thornton Health Plan, the state’s first HMO, which grew to service more than 60,000 individuals and was a consistent and effective non-partisan voice for health policies to reduce the burden of illness for NH residences.

The Jim and Jan Squires Community Patio is designed to be a vibrant venue for community activities such as the strawberry festival and simply a spot where neighbors can meet neighbors and townspeople can welcome out-of-towners.  As Jim and Jan’s son, Marc Squires, shared, “Our mom and dad instilled the importance of community in all of us, and the Congregational Church, both literally and figuratively, was at the center. Imagining this patio as a place to gather and bring our church and extended community together is so deeply meaningful to us.”

In addition to construction of the patio, the project will bring the nearly 100-year-old building up to code with improved fire safety access, an ADA bathroom and a commercial kitchen. According to Ed Wigfield, Chair of the Building Committee, “With these improvements, the church will be able to welcome more non-profits to use our space as well as make and deliver meals for other organizations such as Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter and the senior population. This includes helping even in a pandemic situation, allowing family members who are isolating together to use the commercial kitchen to safely cook for others.”

The church’s reach extends beyond Hollis to supporting groups in the greater Nashua area. We provide widespread community support through donations to over 30 organizations including food pantries, homeless shelters, crisis centers and more. Church members provide community outreach by preparing meals, holding blood drives, delivering food boxes, and participating in Habitat for Humanity house builds.  The church also provides gathering space for organizations such as the Scouts and 12-Step support groups, festivals, and life events such as weddings and funerals.

“The Church is extremely excited about this project.  When the pandemic passes, people will be hungry for community!  We have seen this already with our online church services with close to 100 participants on a weekly basis,” said Wigfield.

The church has raised over 80% of funds necessary to complete this project. They recognize for many during these difficult times it’s impossible to contribute (and in fact, they are here to help those in need), but for those interested in this community improvement, and able, they are gladly and gratefully accepting donations (click HERE to donate).  Rev. Tanya Stormo Rasmussen assures, “It goes without saying that ALL in the community will always be welcome to enjoy the patio or any part of the church and we look forward to seeing people gather both formally and informally upon completion. We will be ready when the community is ready!”

Community Patio Groundbreaking Photos

Rev. Tanya Stormo Rasmussen Offers Prayer

Marc and Dr. Jim Squires (son and father)

It Takes a Team!
Pictured Left to Right:
Marc Squires, Ed Wigfied, Rev. Tanya Stormo Rasmussen, and Dr. Jim Squires (sitting) all representing the Congregational Church of Hollis, Joe Hall and Tom Morin of Morin’s Landscaping, Mark Goldstein of Milestone Engineering & Construction, Dennis Mires of The Architects, and Scott Gardner of Milestone Engineering & Construction

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corresponding Strategic Plan goal met

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floor plans of
approved BoV recommendation



  • Donations committed thus far total $1.7 million.
  • Donations received thus far total over $1 million.


  • Two grants: $20K – $150K+
  • Potential challenge fund by members (if we are able to add Lobby at later date): $100K
  • Community Outreach – Boy Scouts, Woman’s Club, Rotary, Community Lead Givers
  • Events – Groundbreaking, sneak peak, ribbon cutting open house
  • Potential use of church assets (if approved by congregation): up to $200K
  • Contingency funds: Option costs include all costs directly related to the project including fundraising, banking fees etc. and, most importantly, funds allocated for unexpected contingencies during construction. (Note that some but not all Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) are included; FF&E costs for the Kitchen are included, but for other areas our needs are not yet well defined.) For the recommended option the owner’s contingency fund alone is over $135K. If not needed for unforeseen problems during construction, these contingency funds would be a source of additional money as the project nears completion

Please contact BoV@HollisChurch.org if you have any questions.


Building Our Vision (BOV) Team Members:

Julie Forgaard, Tom Hildreth, Drew Mason, Sarah May,
Tanya Stormo Rasmussen, Roger Saunders, Kara Tulley, Ed Wigfield

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