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BOV Information Session Jan. 12, 2020

The Building Our Vision committee held an information session on the current status of the planned church renovation.  Tom Hildreth led a presentation and discussion of the fund raising levels, cost estimates, project options, construction schedule, current progress, and bridge financing during construction.

There is a difference between what our vision was at our reach fundraising goal of $2 million and what we can afford to do with what we currently have pledged.  More specific information will follow from the BOV team based on the input from the congregation at this meeting.  Thanks to all who participated! Click below to watch video of information session.

Building Our Vision (BOV) Team:
Julie Forgaard, Tom Hildreth, Drew Mason, Sarah May (co-chair),
Tanya Stormo Rasmussen, Roger Saunders, Kara Tulley, Ed Wigfield (co-chair).
BOV co-chairs can be reached at