2023 Community Yard Sale Reservation Form

Complete the reservation form below and click the “Submit” button at bottom of the form.
A confirmation email will be sent to you and to the church, to be matched with your check when received.

Rent a space for $25 to sell your items (a space is the size of a parking spot: 16′ x 9′)
Bring your own table, or rent one for an additional $10. (rented tables are 6′ x 30″)

Reservation form and check must be received by Friday, May 5th.

Make checks payable to “Congregational Church of Hollis” and enter “yard sale rental” in the memo line.
Mail check to: Congregational Church of Hollis, 3 Monument Square, Hollis, NH 03049

Questions? Contact Carol at FandH@HollisChurch.org

Example:: 6035551212 (no dashes or parenthesis)
Enter street address
Each space is the size of a parking space in the parking lot (16' x 9'). Space rentals are $25/each.
Table size is 6' x 30". Table rentals are $10/each.
**NON REFUNDABLE**. Enter total amount due (# of spaces x $25 each plus # of tables x $10 each)