The Congregational Church of Hollis Virtual Christmas Fair
Was a GREAT Success!

We had no idea how well the “Virtual” Christmas Fair would be received.
As it turned out, it went better than any of us would have imagined!

Go to our Raffle Baskets Page to read about records broken.

Go to our Online Auction Page to read about the huge success it was
(and THANK YOU list of all the donors)

Thank you to all that participated!

While we are so happy for the success of this year’s “Virtual” Christmas Fair, we look forward to resuming the LIVE Christmas Fair next year. As entertaining as it was to have the distraction of bidding online and looking at raffle baskets online, we SO much missed:

  • the excitement of the live fair
  • the bringing together of the community
  • the sounds of laughter and Christmas carols and Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” as he greets the next child
  • the smells of the hot lunch and desserts
  • the smiles and hugs of people seeing each other for the first time in a long while
  • the beautiful Christmas decorations in every nook and cranny of the church building
  • the feeling of gratitude for the community we live in and our fellow congregants who work so hard throughout the year to pull it all together

We are truly blessed to be a part of such a caring, committed, and active church community, as well as the wonderful larger community of our towns.

What do we do with funds raised?

The Congregational Church of Hollis works to make a positive impact in our community. Fundraisers like our annual fair help us to implement key programs and reach out to others. This year, proceeds from the fair will be donated to our Building Our Vision construction project (including the Jim & Jan Squires Community Patio, a vibrant venue for community activities) as well as to our Mission & Action committee to support other charitable organizations. Click HERE to read about all the organizations our Mission & Action supports.

Thank you for your participation and support!