The Flagg Room

For the 1965 room-naming dedication ceremony, the following was written:

The large room on the first floor of the addition to the church will be called the Flagg Room in memory of Miss Etta P. Flagg. For many years, Miss Flagg was an active and concerned church member as well as an active member of the community. She demonstrated the priority of the church in her life by dividing most of her estate equally between this church and the Conference Center in Pembroke, New Hampshire. Her generosity provided encouragement for this church as we set out on this building program which has proven to be one of the most needed and most adventuresome programs this church has ever undertaken.

One cannot help but speculate on the strong possibility that Miss Flagg would approve of the great interest we are taking in the Christian education of the young. She was a teacher and thoroughly convinced of the value of learning. She was a great reader and one who felt it important to know recent thoughts on many subjects. She was concerned for education and had a real concern for Christian education.

Her interest in the Conference Center at Pembroke is an expression of her concern for the Church beyond local limits. She had a broad view of things and knew the value and the necessity of looking beyond local interests and local needs.

The memory of Miss Flagg will live long in the minds of those who were privileged to know her and to love her as a friend. Her memory is an inspiration for those who shared a bit of life with her.

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