Pictures of Current Admin Office and Entrance Issues

Unclear Which Entrance to Enter During Weekdays

From Front Entrance:  Now Which way to go? Elevator? Door to left? Stairs to right? Does anyone know I’m here?

From Side Entrance:  Now which way to go? Upstairs? Downstairs? Where is anyone to help?

List of Admin Office and Entrance Issues Addressed

  • One clear, street-level main entrance for ALL people to enter
  • Administrative offices located at entrance to provide immediate assistance
  • Gathering space with library, seating and place to hang coats
  • Light, bright and welcoming lobby
  • Much-improved first impression for guests, visitors, and people interested in learning more about the church

Plans Showing New Lobby and Admin Location

(Large Windows, Library, Seating,
New Entrance into Sanctuary)

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Front View
(Clear Main Entrance, Large Windows for
Lots of Natural Light)

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(Admin Offices Available to
Provide Immediate Assistance)

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Holly Babcock

It’s hard at times to feel like we’re welcoming when there’s really no main place to walk through the doors. On a Sunday morning you know you can walk into the meeting house, but any other time when you want to check in, you want to drop off a check for Mission Trip, or just need to check in the church for some other reason, there’s no real sense of where to go in. The new lobby will be an opportunity for us to really present that idea that we want to be a welcoming community.

Pat Harris

No matter which one of the three entrances I come into, I have to stop and think “Where do I go?” I come into the entrance with the elevator, there’s a
stairway to one side, a door to the other, where are those going to take me?

[The new lobby] just sends that welcome message. You don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to write it anywhere, you just feel it.

Nora Lewis

I envision the lobby being wonderfully bright and airy given that there will be large windows and gathering spaces for people to sit so when you come in you can hang up your coat, you can have the opportunity to relax a bit and talk to your neighbors before you gather into the sanctuary.

Kim Verrecchia

The new plan of having the nice open space where everyone knows where to enter, there’s a place to hang your coat, a place where people can gather, people can have a cup of coffee, get together with friends before coming in, would be amazing.

Eileen Widner

One of the most exciting things about the building project is the addition of the lobby area and the fact that the office will then be at the ground level so we’ll have one central door where everyone can come in and the office staff will have visibility so we will see who is coming in and out of that door and greet people and we know who is [entering the building].

Charles Lewis

Just being able to have access at the street level into the facility and be able to congregate and greet your fellow parishioners, is awesome!


Watch video of congregants talking about proposed changes of creating main entrance into WELCOMING lobby and Admin offices