Pictures of Current Chancel and Sanctuary Issues

Instrumentalists Cannot Fit With Choir

Very Crowded Chancel

Children Cannot All Fit on Chancel

Two West Wall Windows Blocked

Difficult to Have Praise Band Performances

Hard to See Anyone on Floor From Back

Plans Showing Chancel Options and Sanctuary Changes from Outside

Chancel Option A
Chancel is enlarged by eliminating hallway behind it.
Two large windows added to back of Chancel.
Organ is moved to right side of Chancel.
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Chancel Option B (higher cost)
Same improvements as Option A, PLUS:
Even more space on Chancel with side walls removed.
Retractable screens for visual enhancements to the worship service.
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Stairwell from Sanctuary to Hardy Hall
Quicker and easier access to attend fellowship in Hardy Hall
after church services, weddings or funerals
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North View
New large windows added at back of Chancel/Sanctuary
by removing back hallway currently behind Chancel
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List of Chancel and Sanctuary Proposed Improvements

  • Exit and staircase going directly from back east side of Sanctuary to Hardy Hall for fellowship, as well as for an additional emergency exit from Sanctuary
  • Windows on west wall of Sanctuary are opened to the lobby (two windows currently closed off)
  • Updated AV system, including improved speakers, microphones, and retractable screens on each side of the Sanctuary
  • Two new large windows on back wall of Chancel, bringing more light into the Sanctuary
  • More space on Chancel by eliminating hallway behind Chancel, providing more space for choir, instrumentalists, and alternative worship/music programs.
  • Organ moved to the right (east) side of Chancel so organist can see Choir Director, Pastor, Acolytes, and Deacons.
  • Improved HVAC


Thom Davies

When somebody walks through the doors that I don’t know, I go out of my way to introduce myself to them because I’d like them to become a regular. I want them to feel welcome to our church family. But the fact of the matter is they have to walk through the door for that to happen. We have to make the place look a little more attractive for people to come through the doors before we get to meet them, get to know them, get to make them feel as welcome as I’ve felt over the last 30 years. I think it’s [the building project] a way of expanding our outreach into the community.

Dot Hyde

It is a concern, if we can’t draw young families in that want contemporary music. We’re starting to try but it sure will be a lot easier to put a band up there [chancel] when it’s done and expanded than to put a band up there now and to have screens up there. That’s important for young people. You can shake your head and say “Well it shouldn’t be”. Well it just is a generational change so you have to change with that generation.


Kim Verrecchia

They [the kids] are small, you can’t see them to begin with. If it was a bigger open space it would be easy to do that. The AV component – people in the back can never hear [the kids].  A bigger open space would be great.

Thom Davies

I’ve been to other churches where they’ve got the screens up there where you can read the words of the song, you can see better what’s going on within the church. I’ve always been attracted to the old Colonial churches but their suitability as places to attract people these days is not what it should be because they’re not technologically advanced.

Ann Siglin

It’s very crowded up there [on the chancel]. There are things we would like to do with music to draw people in which we can’t do because we don’t have the space: bringing in other instruments, starting a praise band. If the chancel is opened up, there will be more space, and we can handle and do some of those things which I think will draw the younger people into the church which we need to do.

Sometimes, because it [the choir loft] is so crowded, we come down and sing in the front. It’s very difficult. It’s very tricky. There’s not a lot of space to get around that altar to get down. It’s a big worry for some of the members. I’m always afraid somebody is going to fall.

Pat Harris

The expanded chancel makes a huge difference. [When we plan Children’s Day] we first talk about the limitations. We know we can only have one person talking at a time because of the microphone system. We have to have just a limited number of people in the chancel where you can see them. You can’t do things on the floor because of the sight-line.

Thom Davies

The audio… I hear only half of what’s being said sometimes, based on the volume of what’s being communicated. I think it’s going to be a tremendous asset just having these things improved.

Ann Siglin

Having the [new] AV system would be fantastic! It’s horrible right now. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.  It would be a great asset.


Congregants talk about Chancel and Sanctuary changes

Watch fly-through video of Chancel Option B