Pictures of Current Kitchen and Hardy Hall Issues

Kitchen is very crowded during events, with servers needing to come in and out of kitchen

Kitchen is disorganized, cluttered, inefficient and inflexible with tables fixed in place.

Hardy Hall emergency exits are dangerous and the entry into Hardy Hall is a bottleneck.

Hardy Hall is subterranean, dark, un-expandable and has no direct access from Sanctuary. Bottleneck for servers to go in and out of kitchen.

Proposed Kitchen and Hardy Hall Issues Addressed


  • Efficient
  • Organized
  • Durable
  • Easily Maintained
  • Cleanliness and Sanitization
  • UL Approved
  • Energy Star
  • Flexible (tables on wheels, can re-configure layout as needed)
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Code Compliant
  • Ergonomic
  • Pass-through window to Hardy Hall allows non-food-preparer’s to stay out of kitchen

Hardy Hall

  • Pass-through window to kitchen allows servers and guests to stay in Hardy Hall
  • Stairs directly from Sanctuary; easier to find for guests of church service, weddings and funerals
  • Wider entrance door, no more bottle neck
  • Lighter and brighter with large windows and doors to patio
  • Safe exits – at grade level, no stairs
  • Walk out to patio for expanded indoor/outdoor fellowship space

Our new kitchen will allow us to “Live Our Vision” beyond current use, expanding our Fellowship and Hospitality, Mission and Action and other community outreach.  The combination of kitchen and Hardy Hall improvements make the space much more attractive for people to use for parties, receptions and other events.

Plans Showing Proposed Kitchen and Hardy Hall Improvements

East Elevation
Direct access from Sanctuary to Hardy Hall
Hardy Hall at grade level (no stairs)
Large windows and doors to patio make Hardy Hall lighter and brighter
Hardy Hall becomes indoor/outdoor space with patio
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Lower Level Floor Plan
Wider entrance from corridor to Hardy Hall
Pass-through window from kitchen to Hardy Hall
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Kitchen Floor Plan
Efficient and ergonomic layout
Code Compliant
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New Kitchen Equipment
UL Approved
Energy Star
Flexible (tables on wheels)
Easily maintained, cleaned, and sanitized
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Lee Harper

If we had an efficient kitchen that had good stoves and good ovens and the right utensils and storage and refrigeration and a freezer we could do so much more here.  Food brings people together. It will attract more people to the church.

Kimber Harmon

With the new kitchen we want to form a kitchen ministry that reaches out more than reaching just to our membership. One way to serve the community and an opportunity to give is to have pre-made meals and whoever is in need in the community be able to just pick up a meal. It’s all ready to go. 

Pat Harris

Anytime you have any of the groups from the preschoolers through the confirmands cooking, that’s a good day. They love it!

Kim Verrecchia

[It would be great] to have a more functional kitchen where they [the kids] can all be together, all be working on something together, rather than a few here and a few there.

Kimber Harmon

There are many opportunities to serve organizations outside the church.  People have already come to the church asking to use the kitchen, and it will allow us to be able to do it because right now we say “no” to them.  It’s not to code.

Bob Fallier

[For] the changes that are coming [to the kitchen and Hardy Hall], we see them as benefiting us [and] the spaghetti supper.  The pass-through [and] the utilitarian use of the kitchen will be terrific because it will ease serving.  It will [also] ease the interaction between the Scouts, the people in the kitchen working and prepping the food, and the folk who are enjoying the meal. That will be a great help.

Deb Blannin

The new renovations would be a phenomenal thing for Mission & Action because then we have a greater outreach to those in the community. Several of us on the [Mission & Action] committee have talked about wanting to do meals as a community outreach for those in need, whether it be at Thanksgiving or Christmas or at some point during the year, to bring the people who can’t eat or they are homeless, to our church, welcome them and feed them. The renovations would offer great opportunity to bring new life, new people, into our church.

Holly Babcock

[Hardy Hall] is where the spaghetti supper happens and this is where many of those kinds of fellowship opportunities happen and the renovations will really make a difference in this particular room, not only with the new kitchen but with the open space. Just having those open doors will set a really nice atmosphere for that event. Hardy Hall and the changes to Hardy Hall could benefit the spaghetti supper and events like that.

Holly Babcock

If you’ve ever made as much pasta as I’ve made in that kitchen, you’ll know that the new kitchen is definitely necessary.  We make pounds and pounds of pasta and we’re using all three stovetops and a new kitchen would be so much easier for that kind of event and I can see us doing more events like that, which would be great. 

Kimber Harmon

We will have a pass-through through the wall so that people will not be coming into the kitchen, they will be staying out in Hardy Hall and easily moving. There are lots of opportunities to serve our community through food and that’s what we’re hoping for.


Watch video of congregants talking about the current challenges with and the proposed changes to the kitchen and Hardy Hall