Plans Showing New Patio and Amphitheater

Site Plan Showing Patio Outside Hardy Hall
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3D Patio View
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Imagine the Possibilities With an Outdoor “Room” and Seating…

Fellowship After Church Service Held Outdoors

Host Music Concerts and/or Reception Outdoors

A Milkweed Butterfly Garden (Think Resurrection) and Outdoor Sunday School Classes

Open Mic Acoustic Cafe Held Outdoors

More Visibility of Scout and Church Activities

Tri-M Honor Society Venue for Musical Teens

Easy Accessibility to Hardy Hall and Kitchen for Strawberry Festival and Nice Seating for People


Nora Lewis

I’m excited about having an outdoor room. With the renovations leading out to the patio, I think it will be a great space to have our strawberry festival outside. Last summer we hosted Monadnock Music and that was a wonderful time. We held the reception inside but just think how grand it would have been if we could have held it outside, for promoting community and people seeing that there is life and a pulse to the church besides what is going on inside.

Kimber Harmon

We will be able to have functions that are inside/outside which will be wonderful when the weather is great.  There will be lots of opportunities for more activities and to serve the community once we have those doors where people can come in and out. Think of all the wonderful activities that we can do outside on the patio, think of guitar nights and coffee hours, a fall festival… I think there will be a lot of great changes.

Devon Kuchta

The patio will provide a space for high school musicians where they can come and just play and hang out and chill. A lot of the music students who are part of the Tri-M club are looking for hours and for spaces to play for people and have people listen to their music or listen to other’s music.  It will provide a great space for that to happen within the center of Hollis. [It’s also] a great space for the Hollis Town Band to use so we don’t have to sit in the grass with our stands and our chairs falling into the grass as we’re trying to play.

Kim Verrecchia

If we had the patio space,  [the kids] could overflow out there and it would make a huge difference on so many things we can do with them. We want to do a butterfly lesson with Lee Harper in Sunday School this spring, and we’re going to plant milkweed plants so they can learn about butterflies. To have an outdoor space that we can use for Sunday School, we can do a LOT with that!

Ann Siglin

Having this patio and amphitheater outside, there are so many things we can do that would draw the community in, because the musicians are OUT there.  They are going to be performing and people are going to want to come and sit there and listen. It’s going to draw excitement and bring people into the church.

Younger families have a lot of conflicts …that interfere with Sunday mornings.  Maybe we can have a Saturday evening service out on the patio with lots of upbeat contemporary music which the younger families will love and their kids will love.  People in the community driving by will stop and come and listen and say “Hey, that’s an exciting church!  We should be a part of that!” With those new people we can do more ministries to the greater community.

Bob Fallier

Having that patio outside, that is six months a year of almost constant use, and maybe more than that depending on the activity. The patio really will provide much more visibility to the activities of the Scouts and the church in general.  The church could have Sunday School out there for example.

There’s [better] accessibility.  We have kids on occasion who have had some difficulties moving. We’ve had one for a number of years who is wheelchair bound. Having that immediate access outside is a great thing for the handicapped.

We see [the patio] as multi-beneficial. It gives us a space to expand outside during good weather where we can do some of our advancement activities… that we can’t really do indoors.  It also will provide more visibility of the troop to the public as they drive by so we see that as a benefit to Scouting in general. It’s an expansion that will have many, many uses for the Scouts.


Watch video of congregants talking about the many exciting ways they envision using the new patio and amphitheater