By Cindy Ryherd

Reverend Daniel Emerson: Pastor and SO Much More!

This is the second of a three-part series about Reverend Daniel Emerson, first pastor of the what is now the Congregational Church of Hollis (see Part I). Part I ended with Rev. Emerson being ordained in April 1743, building his home (Emerson House) on the 40 acres of land he was given as part of his contract (overlooking the town common of Monument Square located on the east side of Main Street across Cleasby Lane from Hollis Town Hall), and marrying the love of his life, his second cousin, Hannah Emerson, on Nov. 11, 1744.

Click “Reverend Daniel Emerson: Pastor and SO Much More!” to read Part II and continue on the journey of learning about the first and longest-serving pastor of the church.

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