Scripture Reading (click): Exodus 16:1-12 

Good Monday, friends!

It was so good to be together in worship yesterday.  I was once again moved by how faithfully God provides sufficiently for us to be able to meet the needs of each day.  It’s the lesson the Israelites learned in the wilderness when they had grumbled that they were hungry, and God provided manna and quail – enough for each day.  If they tried to hoard, to take more than they truly needed, it just rotted and went bad on them overnight.  In preparation for the Sabbath, they were instructed to collect double of what they needed so that they could rest for the sacred day.  Those who did not collect double on that one day went hungry.  It was a lesson in good stewardship: being deeply aware of God’s faithful provision, and managing the resources well.

We are being challenged in so many ways to trust that God will provide for us.  Invited to trust that when we manage well what God has supplied and is providing, then we and the rest of the world will be abundantly cared for.

I am not a tech-savvy person, and operating on social media is still well outside my comfort zone.  But, the faithful God who is with us and providing for us, has gifted other members of our congregation with plenty of competence and confidence in navigating and managing these resources.  And so, many (nearly 50!) households were able to worship together from our remote places yesterday!  I am so grateful to Jacqueline Wilmot and Cindy Ryerd for faithfully sharing the gifts God entrusted to them, and to everyone who joined us for patiently and courageously venturing into, what was for many, new territory.

Across this day, and across this week ahead, pay special attention for moments of discovery where the needs you have in a given moment are met.  And then, pause to give thanks for the way you just experienced God saying, “See?  I am with you.  I see you; I know you.  I love you.”

Prayer:  God, thank you for abiding with us so faithfully.  Help us to share your presence with others, even if we can’t physically be with them.  Amen.

Song: “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” (sung by Chris Rice)


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