Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Scripture: (click) Three Lectionary passages   (scroll down to Wednesday, March 25, 2020, and open each/any of the three readings it links you to)  

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, I suggested that in this time of social distancing when many of us are discovering more time available to us, it’s a prime opportunity to read the Bible and listen for God’s wisdom in new ways.  But maybe you have no idea where to start?

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is a 3-year cycle of weekly and daily readings which, read in their entirety, cover a significant percent of the Bible.  Although I’ve not adhered to it closely during our Holy Habits themes this year, I frequently have incorporated at least one RCL text on Sunday mornings.  Those of you who heard (or read) my sermon this past Sunday will recall that the Gospel reading was a story about blindness – physical and spiritual – in community; it dovetailed nicely with our Holy Habits theme.  Daily lectionary readings invite us to go a bit deeper into some of the themes that are set on Sundays.  

For today’s devotional reflection, I encourage you to check out the link to this daily (and weekly) lectionary resource.  (Today’s readings are good, but I particularly liked Monday’s readings — which you can click on if you prefer; just select March 23 instead.)  Read the several brief passages, and listen for discernible themes and divine wisdom for today’s living.  I’d be so happy to receive emails ( telling me about any insights you draw from your daily readings and reflections.  

I’m also eager for this community to share cherished stories, experiences, poetry, music, artwork, etc. of your own that can help to inspire all of us to feel deeper connection…please share!

Music: (click) Amazing Grace
(You may not have remembered to listen to “Amazing Grace” at the end of the service. Even if you did, this is good enough to re-visit!)

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